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Continuing a trend that began in the late 1990s, Trinity Christian College increased its student population by 11 percent from last year, with an enrollment of 1263 when classes started in August. That number, highlighted by the arrival of 352 new students, includes traditional students as well as those in adult studies and the Semester In Spain program. The College's enrollment in 2002 was 1135 students.
"This demonstrates that more people are not only hearing about Trinity but also placing us among their top choices for college," said President Steven Timmermans. "We are pleased that our enrollment is getting bigger each year, and that provides the impetus for us to remain committed to offering the best Christian higher education."

One priority for the College is retaining its low student-faculty ratio, and five faculty positions were added this year to keep the ratio near 13 to 1. Trinity anticipates its student population will exceed 1400 next year, twice the enrollment of 659 in 1998.

The rapid rise in students caused a housing shortage, prompting the administration to assign three roommates to some rooms of the residence halls and purchase apartment buildings in Crestwood and Worth. It also has been the thrust for Alumni Hall, the new residence building that will be home for 180 students beginning in August 2004.

Demand for space, curriculum, and resources stemming from the growing student body has led to several campus additions in recent years. The Ozinga Chapel, which features a 1200-seat auditorium, opened its doors in 2001, and the 38,000-square foot Heritage Science Center was completed in 2002. Trinity is discussing plans to build a communications/theater arts complex.

"We want to find more ways to prepare our students as thoroughly as possible for meaningful careers and service after they graduate," Timmermans said. "That is Trinity's 
mission, and part of fulfilling that mission is providing the appropriate means and facilities to create an optimal learning environment. We must remain intentional toward accomplishing that goal."

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