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The beginning of a new academic year at Trinity Christian College includes changes and adjustments for the entire campus community, especially for first-year students. First Year Forum, a program designed to help students make the transition into college life, introduced nearly 300 new students to a Christian world view while enfolding them into the College's community of scholarship.

"This is a good time for them to meet other students and some faculty and staff members," said Ginny Carpenter, dean of students. "We hope these are the first steps they will take toward establishing friendships and bonds that will last throughout their time at Trinity."

The program, led this year by 14 mentor teams consisting of a faculty or staff member and an upper-class student, fosters interaction among the participants through chapel services, small group discussions and lectures, and excursions into the city. During the five-day pre-semester session, each team explored acts of courage and the convictions that motivated those actions. Students kept journals that reinforced the Forum's theme, "The Courage of Conviction."

According to Dr. Mark Ward, coordinator of the program, "The response by students to the First Year Forum has been overwhelmingly positive. Moreover, several students indicated that the Forum has challenged their thinking about the world and their college experience."

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