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Though his hands were blackened by charcoal residue, Sergio Gomez's drawings illustrated the pure glory of worship and praise during chapel September 10.

Brothers Sergio and Marcos Gomez and their friend, Sergio Villanueva, centered their unique presentation on five words of worship - Hosanna, Hallelujah, Abba, Maranatha, and Amen - while leading the audience through a medley of songs that highlighted each word. As Marcos Gomez sang and played the guitar with Villanueva accompanying on the keyboard, Sergio Gomez drew charcoal illustrations for the corresponding words.

"This is our way of emphasizing visual art during worship," said Marcos, a former Trinity admissions counselor in the late 1990s. "When (my brother and I) were younger, our parents taught us music and noticed Sergio's inclination toward art. It's easy for him to use his talent in church, so I wanted to find a way for us to work together."

For each word, Marcos gave an explanation of its meaning. Sergio Gomez used charcoal chalk and black paint to draw depictions of the cross (Hosanna), a worshipper with arms and hands stretched upward (Hallelujah), a person cradled in the palm of a large hand (Abba), and a crowd of worshippers gazing at a temple (Maranatha). He also had a colorful abstract acrylic painting on display.

"Art is a gift from God that we can use to praise Him, and it allows me to draw others into worship with me," said Sergio Gomez, whose art has been viewed at more than 30 exhibitions. "Some people respond to visual images in special ways."

Marcos Gomez now serves as the Hispanic worship pastor at Wheaton Bible Church in Wheaton, Illinois. Villanueva is associate worship pastor at Word of God Hispanic Church in Melrose Park, Illinois. All three artists are natives of Mexico, and the trio has been together for two years.

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