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After meeting with its executive committee last Thursday, Trinity Christian College determined that it would withdraw its offer to purchase the Dunlap's property east of the campus. The decision was reached during the period of due diligence in which the College considered all the factors relating to the acquisition, including several restrictions imposed by the city's zoning and planning committee following the College's request for re-zoning of the property.

According to President Steven Timmermans, the executive committee concluded that the purchase would not constitute the best use of the College's resources in providing enhanced educational opportunities for students. Since most of the College's operating revenues derive from tuition dollars, the committee could not justify the expense of the purchase with the existing restrictions at this time.

"We have to be very prudent in balancing our mission, our resources, and our goals for future growth and development against acquiring assets that could, in the long term, impose severe limitations on our ability to provide excellent Christian higher education to a growing student body," said Timmermans. 

"Since we rely heavily upon tuition dollars paid by students from largely middle income families as our main source of revenues, we concluded that the purchase would not reflect proper stewardship of those tuition dollars within the context of the restrictions imposed upon the property.  

After much prayer and deliberation, our executive committee has determined that this purchase would not provide the best use of our students' tuition dollars."

The College has completed two building projects within the past two years-the Ozinga Chapel in 2001, and the Heritage Science Center in 2002-and is in the midst of constructing a new residence hall. Alumni Hall will house 180 students upon its completion by fall 2004. Students are also living in college-owned apartment buildings in nearby Crestwood and Worth. 

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