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Newspaper and Yearbook Leadership Award Recipients

Six students were recent recipients of the newspaper and yearbook leadership scholarship awards. These awards aim to encourage students to expound on their high school experiences at a college level.

Each award, in the amount of $500-$2,000, is renewable from year to year only if the recipients participate in either the Courier, Trinity’s student-run newspaper, or Allelu, the yearbook.

The current leadership award recipients:
Rita Bootsma ’11 of Palos Heights, Illinois
Whitney Dickison ’09 of Ottawa, Illinois
Justin James ’12 of Lynwood, Illinois
Kevin Kenealy ‘11 of Chicago Ridge, Illinois
Karlie Monsma ’13 of Pella, Iowa
Anthony Peri, Jr. ’10 of Peotone, Illinois

Kenealy, a transfer student formerly majoring in journalism, has worked for two school publications and three outside newspapers.  This scholarship gives him an opportunity to do what he loves while also helping to finance his education. “Even though I changed my major (my reasoning for coming to Trinity) to secondary education, I believe my history in journalism will provide me with a different perspective in the classroom,” said Kenealy. “Even though my journalism major is in the past, its future will remain very much relevant to my teaching methods.”

The awards are given to incoming freshmen who demonstrate substantial leadership in the appropriate area during their high school career. Each applicant must apply for the scholarship through the financial aid office and include a letter of reference from high school faculty and a sample of the student’s work.

Ginny Carpenter, vice president for student development, reviews the applications in search of students “who demonstrate significant leadership in the area of newspaper or yearbook development and production.”

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