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Soap and water were in high demand after students from the College's four on-campus residence halls waged a slippery tug-of-war on a muddy field September 9.

Nearly 120 students wallowed knee- and neck-deep in a contest held behind Alumni Hall on a sunny day that saw not a drop of rain. Each residence hall was represented by one team of men and one team of women. Residents from Alumni Hall defended their home turf by winning both competitions.

Trinity's student association thought of the idea as part of First Year Forum activities. They asked the maintenance crew to water the ground for two days before the war. Vice president Travis Bandstra and treasurer Nathan Vis then applied a few finishing touches to make sure the mud was ready for combat; the event enticed another 100 students out to watch their peers.

"We were trying to think of something fun with a different twist," said senior Kevin Walker, student association president. "Obviously mud wrestling was out of the question, but we wanted to do something with all the dirt (near Alumni Hall). It turned out to be much better than we anticipated."

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