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Trinity saluted several faculty and staff members who celebrated landmarks in their years of service to the College during chapel September 5.

Two people who have been mainstays on campus since the early 1970s include Betty Kerkstra and Bernice Balsan. Affectionately known as "Betty Bookstore," Kerkstra retired in June from her post as bookstore manager. She graciously handled long lines and last-minute book orders, and remembers the days when inventory was tabulated with pencils and erasers instead of computer keyboards.

Over the past 30 years, hundreds of Trinity students have seen Balsan almost everyday, either to drop off their tuition payments or pick up their mail. She started in the College's business office, mostly handling student accounts, before taking over as mailroom clerk, where she has served for more than 20 years.

Other honorees included: Tom Vloedman, vice president for business affairs and finance (20 years); Bonnie Decker, nursing department (20 years); Dr. Brad Breems, sociology (15 years); Dr. Randall Voorn, business (15 years); Nancy Bolhuis, admissions department (15 years); Dr. Cynthia Sander, nursing chair (10 years); Dr. Sharon Robbert, mathematics (10 years); and John Jeffries, music (10 years).

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