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Growth, priorities, quality, and commitment were four themes that President Steven Timmermans and other members of Trinity's administrative council highlighted to the faculty and staff during the State of the College presentation Tuesday, September 9.

At the onset of classes in August, Trinity welcomed 352 new students, 255 of whom are freshmen. A total of 1263 students-including traditional, adult studies, and Semester in Spain-are enrolled in classes for the fall, an 11 percent increase over last year's enrollment. Campus housing is home to 649 residents this year compared to 573 last year.

Tom Vloedman, vice president for business affairs, outlined some preliminary ideas about the proposed communication/theater arts building and more information about Trinity's plans to purchase the Dunlap's property. The College is addressing needs that stem from its increasing student enrollment, and the president stressed the importance of carefully grounded planning that stays aligned with the mission.

"Our most important goal is to remain a community of Christian scholarship committed to shaping lives and transforming culture," Timmermans said. "We need to be strategic in identifying our priorities in regard to programming and facilities. That will help us keep our mission clear and our agenda focused."

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