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Called to Care-Student Receives Nursing Scholarship

Trinity senior Lori Van Beveren ’10 of Homer Glen, Illinois, was on a mission trip in the Bahamas when she had an epiphany. 

It was the summer following her graduation from Lockport Township High School, and her youth group was holding Bible school for children and administering basic first aid care in the Bahamas. A small boy had injured his foot, so Van Beveren carried him into the mission house, bandaged his wound, and held him until he stopped crying.

“He looked up at me,” Van Beveren recalled, “and this peace came over me.”

She said that was when she knew God was calling her to care for others.

At Trinity, Van Beveren has studied science and nursing and gained experiential learning during clinicals in the medical-surgical and maternal-child units, continually pursuing her goal to one day become a nurse practitioner overseas. She has also taken advantage of Interim trips offered by the College, including one to Hyderabad, India, her sophomore year.

“I was looking for confirmation that I could ‘do’ this,” she said of her desire to serve in other countries. In India, Van Beveren visited clinics and leprosy patients and conversed with nurses in rural areas. The trip confirmed for her that she was still on the path she felt God had chosen for her.

Recently, Van Beveren was awarded a nursing scholarship by the Nurse Educators of Illinois. The NEI commended her for her academic excellence, service, and commitment to the profession of nursing.

Van BeverenDuring the next two-week Interim in January 2010, Van Beveren hopes to travel to Guatemala on a trip led by Professors Gretchen Carolan and Trina Vallone ’99. Working through the organization Hearts In Motion, Van Beveren and other Trinity students will have fellowship and outreach opportunities with local residents and partnership opportunities in medical care, construction, and education.

Van Beveren said she is drawn to the “caring” part of medicine, especially in other countries. “You have the privilege of entering the patient’s world, treating their families, and teaching them how to care for themselves.”

As a student, Van Beveren said she appreciates the many learning opportunities provided by the College and her nursing professors and the spiritually enriching environment she shares with her teachers and fellow students.

“I love the community I feel here,” said Van Beveren.

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