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Trinity's Semester In Spain (SIS) program, which for more than 20 years has offered students international learning opportunities, appointed a new Spanish director and relocated its headquarters within Seville.

Leslie Routman, who served as the SIS coordinator of student life for the past two years, replaces Esther Paredes, who was the program's first Spanish director.

"She had the right qualifications and background for the position," Deb Veenstra, Trinity's SIS program manager, said of Routman. "She has experience with the program, and that familiarity will be an advantage."

The new facility lies in the center of Seville near the historic Torre de Oro (Tower of Gold). It includes new computers and a new student library and lounge, where students may gather for Bible study in the evenings, a privilege not available to them before.

"While it is relatively small, the students enjoy our new facility and appreciate the upgrades," said Mark Triller, the SIS international director. "Our faculty is eager to introduce more technology in the classroom, and we have DVD, video, and computer software on the horizon, which will change the traditional delivery of our courses."

The SIS program has 37 students enrolled this fall, its largest number in 10 years. It offers rich academic instruction that emphasizes the development of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Students encounter practical opportunities to live what they learn within the Spanish culture. Local families - 20 for this semester - host the students, which immerses them into the lifestyle as they speak the language, eat native food, and observe typical customs.

For more information on Trinity's Semester In Spain program, visit the Semester In Spain Web site.

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