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Professor Contributes to Book on Evangelical Media

In addition to teaching communication arts at Trinity, Professor Annalee Ward, Ph.D., has been spending her “spare” time researching and writing. Her work was recently published in a collaborative and comprehensive study titled “Understanding Evangelical Media: The Changing Face of Christian Communication.” (InterVarsity, 2008)  

“I hope students interested in media will take up the book to see what’s happening in media and evangelicalism,” said Ward.

The book is a compilation of essays from an impressive group of 50 university professors, media specialists, authors, and journalists. Ward contributed three essays, mainly focused on new forms of gospel communication.

Ward writes in the book that the growth of evangelical theme parks across the United States demonstrates both creativity and potential cooptation by secular culture. Venues such as the $16-million Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida, and the new $27-million Creation Museum near Cincinnati are modern-day destinations for evangelical tourists who want clean and faith-related fun.

Ward’s interest in the subject was sparked while writing her first book Mouse Morality: A Rhetoric of Disney Animated Film, which discusses the mixed messages in Disney films.

“Since then I have been researching religious tourism,” she said. “Given that background, the editors asked me to investigate faith-based theme parks and museums.”

Ward encourages the Trinity community to explore the book’s comprehensive Web site for more information.

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