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The completion of the renovations at Trinity Christian College has opened a door to great possibilities to its nursing program as it embarks on a new academic year. Dr. Cynthia Sander, chair of the nursing department, believes that the refurbished quarters will not only offer students more hands-on practice experiences, but also a livelier, more cohesive environment.

 "The new space is really lovely," Dr. Sander said. "It's brighter and more cheerful than it was before the renovation. Although we didn't get any new equipment yet, our rooms look more up-to-date. We won't do anything differently, but what we do, we will do better. The new layout gives us more space for teaching and practice, and with the faculty offices closer, we will have even better communication among ourselves."

Dr. Sander holds high hopes for the nursing program. The department has submitted a grant for funding that, if approved, will help them acquire electric beds to replace the hand-cranking beds currently in use. She is also exploring a grant opportunity for a human patient simulator that will help prepare students for emergency medical situations. 

"That equipment would permit us to practice advanced skills within a lab so that our students will be more prepared and confident in real-life circumstances," Dr. Sander said. "The benefits of those skills would be tremendous.

"We now have 89 students who have declared nursing as their major. Our improved facilities will make our program more attractive, and we should see that number continue to rise as a result."
 Trinity Christian College is a community of Christian scholarship committed to shaping lives and transforming culture. The College, located in Palos Heights, Ill., has been educating Christian leaders in the liberal arts for more than 40 years. 

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