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50th Annual Convocation Ceremony

Students, faculty, and staff gathered for the 50th Convocation on Friday, August 29, where President Steven Timmermans, Ph.D., spoke on how “Identity Matters.” Both personal identity and institutional identity are key factors in what Trinity is today.

Ethnicity, personality, spirituality, and vocational choice all make up our personal identity, according to Timmermans. 

“You students are still working on identity, and this college campus becomes for all of you—and in particular, first-year students—an opportunity for further identity development by coming to know yourselves better as you come to know others.”

Though institutional identity traditionally comes from historical and denominational roots, Timmermans challenged the audience to look at Trinity’s identity in a new way—Created Renewal. These two words, he explained, are full of biblical and theological truth and demonstrate the journey of Trinity.

“Identity is a process, so is our identity in Christ—a process or journey aimed toward the renewal of creation that God desires for his people and world.”
The 50th annual convocation ceremony marked the formal beginning of the academic year. Faculty marched in wearing the multicolored regalia that marks their academic achievements. Banners representing the four graduating classes contributed to the pageantry of the event.

Clifton Hurt ’09 of Chicago, Illinois, led the song of response “Lord, I want To Be a Christian.” Student leaders Christine Carter ’12 of Wheaton, Illinois; Joseph R. Wydra ’11 of Tinley Park, Illinois; Jon Vander Woude ’10 of Miami, Florida; and Caitlin Fillmore ’09 of Hollis, Maine, offered prayers.

Read Dr. Timmermans’ address in its entirety.

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