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Before the students returned to campus, the faculty assembled to review their summer activities and prepare for another academic year.

The professors, academic support staff, and administrators held their orientation at the Lake Katherine Nature Preserve August 21. They shared details about the conferences, seminars, and activities they participated in during the summer hiatus and welcomed new colleagues to their ranks. Dr. Steven Timmermans offered some insight about his outlook for his first year as president.

"We have a great deal of promise leading into this year," he said. "I want the College to capitalize on the advancements we've made in the recent past. We have the necessary ingredients in terms of people and resources to have an even greater impact on our community. I'm looking forward to Trinity's raising its standards to a higher level, and I believe we will have another tremendous year."

Some of the faculty also recounted anecdotes and presented artifacts to Dr. Timmermans to familiarize him more with Trinity's history. Dr. Michael DeVries, a psychology professor and 1974 graduate, brought a yellowed copy of Percolator, the College's student newspaper of which he was the editor. Dr. Lou Sytsma '65 used a hockey puck to recall the days of Trinity athletics in the 1960s.

"I'm glad to have these reminders of Trinity's past," Timmermans said. "A connection to our history is important for our growth in the future, and it's fun to look back and appreciate how much the College has developed over the years."

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