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President Steven Timmermans, addressing students, faculty, and staff at the 49th Convocation on Friday, August 31, explained how the phenomenon of communication vehicles such as the Web site “You Tube” relate to the Christian’s life.

Christ has commanded Christians to spread the gospel. But today we live in a media-saturated  culture that urges us to “broadcast” ourselves, as evidenced by the thousands of videos posted on You Tube each day.

“Paul tells us in Philippians 2:3 that we are not to seek our own honor but to honor others more than ourselves,” said Timmermans.

Trinity is a culture in which students will grow in Christ, he explained, and where they are encouraged to think of others more than themselves, in order that people will see Christ.

The 49th annual convocation ceremony marked the formal beginning of the academic year. Banners represented the four graduating classes, contributed to the pageantry of the event.

Marlin Exton '07 of Chicago Heights led the song of response “Thuma mina,” and student leaders offered prayers.

Read Dr. Timmermans' address in its entirety.

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