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Ever wonder how many people Trinity employs? How many of those employees live in Palos Heights? Below are some of the interesting facts and figures about the College's impact on the local economy:

  • Trinity provides jobs for more than 200 people, making it one of the largest employers in the city. The College paid nearly $9 million in salaries and benefits in 2002; employees who live in Palos Heights accounted for $1.3 million.

  • The College's budget for last year surpassed $16 million.

  • Federal funding brought more than half a million dollars into the community and state funding added another million dollars.

  • In 2002, Trinity paid $45,000 in property taxes.

  • Taxes paid to Palos Heights for gas and electricity is close to $30,000 yearly. 
  • Based on informal campus surveys, we can estimate that off-campus spending per student is $75 per week; Trinity's student population of 1135 spends $85,125 each week multiplied by 14 weeks per semester for a total direct impact of $1,191,750 each semester, or an annual impact of $2,383,500.

     Additionally, Trinity's student population accounts for almost $2.4 million each academic year. On average, each of the College's 1,135 students spends $75 weekly on purchases from Palos Heights groceries stores, restaurants, gas stations, video rental stores, and specialty shops. Our students don't need to leave the city to order pizza, get prescriptions filled, rent a movie, get the oil changed in their cars, or buy snacks and toiletries, and businesses know they can count on that steady stream of revenue from August through May. 

    Trinity's Open-Door Policy

    The College also embraces Palos Heights through multiple campus events and instruction. Here are some examples:

    • The Southwest Symphony Orchestra holds its concerts in the Ozinga Chapel and attracts audiences numbering close to 400 people. 

    • Trinity opens its doors to city organizations, like the Palos Fine Arts Council, the Chamber of Commerce, and various government committees, to host events as well as conduct public meetings.

    • Visitors are welcome to attend numerous free concerts, art showings, cultural gatherings, and other fine arts presentations throughout the year that feature the College's choral and instrumental ensembles, local artists, and guest speakers. 

    • Each spring, up to 1000 visitors come to May Fair, an exhibition of arts, crafts, and entertainment in which many local artisans and vendors sell their products; this event raises nearly $20,000.

    • Throughout the academic year, Trinity athletics programs offer intercollegiate competition in soccer, basketball, baseball, and softball.

    • Senior citizens who reside in Palos Heights are welcome to take one free class each semester; that program draws almost 50 residents each semester.
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