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Professor Don Woo Appointed Ethnic Diversity Director

Dr. WooWhen discussing the subject of diversity, Professor Donald Woo, Trinity’s new director of ethnic diversity, immediately refers to Revelation 7.

That “great multitude” standing in front of the Lamb is composed of people from every nation, tribe, and language. The College’s Commitment to Diversity also references this Scripture: “The scene from Revelation 7 shapes our community, teaching, research, and influence. Trinity Christian College seeks diversity to reflect God’s creation, to demonstrate his reign, and to anticipate his new creation.”

“I am a member of a minority,” said Woo, speaking of his Asian ethnicity, “and I believe in the College’s commitment to diversity—in the student body, in the faculty, and in the staff.

“Diversity fits in well with the Reformed perspective, especially when ‘Reformed tradition’ means a biblical worldview and not necessarily a specific ethnicity or denominational affiliation. It means God is sovereign in all areas of my life.”

Dr. Woo TeachingAn assistant professor of education at Trinity since 2004, Woo took on the role of diversity director this year after Dr. Nelvia Brady, professor of business, stepped down from the position she served in for six years. Working as the campus ACI grant coordinator and planning summer projects to give education students experience in high-need schools helped Woo understand many different levels of diversity. He said the same is true for his work on the revenue development committee of Calvin Christian School in South Holland, Illinois—a school he helped transition through many demographic changes and where Woo served in various roles for 34 years.

As director, Woo plans to build on Brady’s efforts, while taking some established activities and events, such as the celebrations of cultures and the Diversity Lecture Series to a new level of involvement with the goal to “bring about a more active, lived-out commitment to diversity.”

Woo believes it is imperative for the Trinity community to continue developing relationships that exemplify those of the multitude in Revelation 7, although differences—in everything from culture to opinion—will always exist. What he stresses reflects the vision seen by John of the people praising God together. Trinity is a community of many Christians from myriad places, backgrounds, colors, and ideas brought together by what Woo calls “a unity of purpose” to serve God.

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