News Release

A collection of more than 20 nations were united in their efforts to encourage each other's outreach ministry during the Luke Society's Directors Conference July 31 through August 4.

The Luke Society is an interdenominational organization of Christian health and business professionals dedicated to medical missions. Administrators and medical personnel from five countries originating from five continents came to Trinity for the conference, which is held every five years.

"Medical missions is a unique niche in missions work," said Dr. Wrede Vogel, executive director of the Luke Society, which is based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. "We support indigenous Christian health professionals who use medicine as an avenue to share their faith. We look for nationals who have a calling to provide health care to poor people in their communities."

The Directors Conference brought people who lead medical ministries in countries such as Mali, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Burma, Indonesia, Peru, and Mexico. The Luke Society paid for delegates to travel to the United States, providing many of the attendants with their first trip on airplanes and outside of the borders of their own nations.

The delegates also received medical supplies and clothing to take back to their homelands. The Luke Society collects donated items from various medical organizations to supplement the missions work of the ministries it supports.

"We come alongside these individuals as they contextualize the Gospel in their communities," said Phil David, international ministry coordinator. "Sometimes they don't know how they're going to get the resources to provide their service, but in faith they continue to step out."

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