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What started out as a large crater on the south end of Trinity's campus has begun to define its shape with a concrete foundation, steel pillars, and brick walls arising from the ground. In a year from now, construction workers should be putting the finishing touches on Alumni Hall, the new residence hall that will welcome students for the 2004-05 academic year.

"We are pleased with the progress of this project," said Tom Vloedman, vice president for business affairs. "It's good to see that the foundation has been laid and the building is starting to take shape."

The other major short-term construction project, a theater-art complex, is still in its initial planning stages. According to Vloedman, representatives from the College's art and communication arts departments are discussing ways to develop and design the future theater arts building; no definitive timetable has been set for construction to begin..

Trinity continues its pursuit of a rezoning and special-use permit for the Dunlap's restaurant property east of the campus. The city of Palos Heights rejected the College's request for that permit after a meeting in late June.

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