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George Vander Velde Named Vice President for Campus Development

“I kind of never left,” quipped George Vander Velde, Ph.D. ’63 of his long-time connection with Trinity Christian College.

His father Maurice was on the founding board of the College, and Vander Velde enrolled as a chemistry major in 1961 when Trinity was a two-year college.  He also served on the board of trustees from 1988 to 1994 and is the parent of a Trinity graduate.

Formerly the Director of the Illinois Waste Management and Research Center, Vander Velde’s plan for retirement became God’s plan for his appointment as Trinity’s Vice President for Campus Development.

As vice president, Vander Velde is responsible for infrastructure development and support, the physical plant functions of maintenance and custodial services, and the information management system. His position also relates to the planning and implementation of campus construction and development projects, such as the new Art and Communication Center.

“I have always had a strong love for Trinity, as many students do,” said Vander Velde, who helped set up the research component of the Maurice Vander Velde Junior Scholar Award to honor his father and to provide more opportunities for students.

He commented that in addition to his new responsibilities, he has been doing some “visioning” in regard to the College’s future.

“Trinity can be influential in the greater Christian community, especially in Chicago,” said Vander Velde. “Trinity has the potential to further promote the well-being of the larger community.”


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