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A team of Trinity volunteers packed up paint brushes and rollers and headed for Chicago's West Side Christian School Wednesday, July 14, to help paint its new building.

President Steven Timmermans and his wife, Barb, were among the staff and faculty from the College who spent their day working on the classrooms, halls, and gymnasium. Trinity encourages its employees to volunteer up to 40 hours of service time each year to a ministry, charity, or non-profit organization.

"Our service policy is designed specifically for opportunities like this one," Timmermans said. "West Side needs help finishing their building, and it's the appropriate gesture for us to assist them in achieving that goal."

Construction on the building began in the summer of 2003 and is scheduled to be ready by September 1 when classes resume at West Side. The school has received volunteer assistance from numerous individuals and organizations, some coming from as far as Montana, Georgia, and Alabama. Jeralyn Harris, an administrator and eighth-grade teacher, is pleased to get the additional manpower.

"We have volunteers come everyday, anywhere from one person to 20 people," said Harris, whose son, Stephan Grandison, is a sophomore at the College. "Our students, parents, and staff have been involved in doing some of the work. I am confident that God will give us what we need to begin the new academic year in our new building.

"I really appreciate the input and support we've gotten from Trinity. We've formed a solid relationship that I hope will continue to get stronger."

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