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First Annual Alumni Theatre Production Presents the Curious Savage

Alumni Theater GalleryThe Marg Kallemeyn Theatre at Trinity will be hosting a special production performed by the College’s first alumni theatre group.

The group, formed early this spring, will present “The Curious Savage” by John Patrick, on Thursday-Saturday, August 20, 21, and 22 at 7:30 p.m.; doors open at 7 p.m. Tickets are $15 for adults and $12 for students (Kindergarten-college) and senior citizens. Call 708.597.3000 for information or to purchase tickets.

The Play
In this 1950s high comedy, Mrs. Savage inherits $10 million from her late husband, and she is determined to use the money to help others realize their hopes and dreams. But her stepchildren have other plans and commit her to a sanatorium to help her “come to her senses.”

There she meets a group of social misfits who provide her with friendship and conspire to find a way to save Mrs. Savage from her greedy stepchildren’s attempts to steal her wealth.

“I’m excited to see this inaugural production of Trinity’s alumni theatre,” said Dr. Annalee Ward, professor of communication arts. “It’s encouraging to see the interest and willingness to take on the big project of producing a mainstage play. We hope it’s the start of a new tradition.”

The Cast and Production Team
The cast and team are made up of local alumni with graduation years ranging from 1978 to 2009. An alumni theatre board formed and met in March to choose a play and put a call out to alumni to audition.

Recent grad and avid Trinity theatre participant Rosalia Portillo ’09 is directing the play. Family members who are also fellow actors include mother and son Jan Kosmal ’78 and Peter Kosmal ’07 and husband and wife Rick ’08 and Jenny Schuler ’08.

Jan Kosmal will play the part of Mrs. Ethel P. Savage. “This has been such a great experience,” said Kosmal. “I felt a bit out of place with all the ‘youngsters’ who just graduated from Trinity, but everyone was very welcoming and friendly and things started to fall into place. Our first ‘off book’ rehearsal was an exhilarating experience, and I am really looking forward to our performances!”

Cast members
Lori (Smits) Evenhouse ’05
Mary Freeman ’07
Tom Holste ’97
Jan (Boonstra) Kosmal ’78
Peter Kosmal ’07
Nick Koster ’03
Kate (Bowers) McClaurin ’08
Jenny (Miller) Schuler ’08
Rick Schuler ’08
Doug VanWyngarden ’08
Emily Ward ’09

Production team members
Director: Rosalia Portillo ’09
Marlin Exton ’07, production assistant
Jennifer (Venn) Johnson ’07, props mistress
Jake Szafranski ’09, stage manager
Rachel VanOort ’05, production supervisor

Theatre Alumni Board
Clayton Denton ex’95
Mary Freeman
Nick Koster
Bruce Leep
Rosalia Portillo
Rick Schuler
Dr. John Sebestyen
Rachel VanOort
Cathy (Keizer) Vugteveen ’04
Dr. Annalee Ward

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