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Blueprints 2004 gave Barb Tretheway a second chance to experience the annual orientation for first-time Trinity students and their parents. Unable to attend last summer when her son, Rick, was heading into his freshman year, she accompanied her daughter, Joy, for this year's activities July 9 and 10.

The Tretheways were among 360 new students and parents who came to familiarize themselves with the College's academic, spiritual, and social environment. After arriving on campus Friday, guests enjoyed a picnic on the Commons, toured Alumni Hall during an open house for the new residence building, and attended the alumni praise and worship in the Ozinga Chapel.

While the students engaged in a variety of team-building activities, parents focused on the business of financing their son's or daughter's college education. The financial aid session that Barb attended added some levity to a normally serious topic.

"It's good to laugh when you're talking about money, particularly when it pertains to tuition costs," said the Zeeland, Michigan, resident. "I think it's really great that Trinity has a weekend like this. It gives the students and parents a better idea of what to expect during the (academic) year."

Following Saturday's breakfast buffet with President Steven Timmermans, students registered for classes, and both they and their parents learned more about the College's on-campus programs and local community involvement. Trinity faculty and staff were available throughout the weekend to extend a welcome, answer questions, and give advice to the visitors.

"We had another awesome Blueprints for our incoming freshmen and parents," said Josh Lenarz '98, director of admissions. "The Class of 2008 appears to be an enthusiastic group that the College will be proud to have on campus. I'm looking forward to August when they move into the residence halls and start their lives as Trinity students."

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