News Release

The Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation awarded Trinity a grant to retrofit light fixtures in nine buildings on campus.

On June 21, electricians began installing the new lights that will brighten offices, work spaces, and classrooms in Mitchell Memorial Gymnasium, Groot Hall, Vander Velde Hall, Classroom Building, the Huizenga Library, the maintenance building, art barn, art trailer, and the administration building.

Ballasts provide starting voltage or stabilize currents in circuits used to light fluorescent bulbs. The project took nearly three weeks to complete.

"By retrofitting the lights, we will reduce the cost of electricity, the ballasts become non-hazardous, and the light output increases while strain on the eyes decreases," said Rich Schuler, director of buildings and grounds.

The ICECF invests in clean energy development and land preservation efforts, working with communities and citizens to improve environmental quality in Illinois. It operates several grant programs to help nonprofit facilities upgrade existing lighting systems for better energy efficiency. Last year, the organization gave more than $1.75 million to colleges and universities throughout Illinois to upgrade their light fixtures.

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