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Adult Studies Student Finishes Education at Trinity

All of her life, Mary Schroeder dreamed of becoming a teacher.

Although she attempted to go back to school while raising her family, she said that “something always got in the way.” Finally, when her youngest son was entering college, Schroeder decided it was time for her to “get serious” and finish her education. Schroeder started out at South Suburban College. With finances an issue, she first looked into attending a state university, although she wanted to attend Trinity.  

But during that time, Schroeder lost her best friend of 47 years.

“Her death totally devastated me, and I had a hard time continuing on with my pursuit of becoming a teacher,” said Schroeder.

That changed when Schroeder was told her friend, who knew about her dream to be a teacher, left her some money, providing the means by which she could complete her education.

“I had hoped to attend Trinity. I felt that I could honor my friend by using the money to become a teacher,” said Schroeder. “Now I can give back to society something of myself, just as my friend had done all her life as a nurse helping others.”

Schroeder plans to use the skills Trinity taught her to become the best teacher she can be by helping today’s youth. She said she believes she could only accomplish this because of her Trinity experience and learning in a Christian atmosphere that focuses on God’s plan for people’s lives.  

“It was so comforting to be able to pray with our class for enlightenment during times of total confusion and have the security of knowing we were all called here for a reason,” said Schroeder. “When I started going back to school, I figured ‘school was school,’ so it didn't matter where I went. But at Trinity, I developed a close bond with my classmates and professors that I would not have experienced anywhere else.”  

Schroeder said she appreciates the support she received in the program, especially the Christian foundation. 

“When things would get stressful, we would pause in class to say a prayer. You can't do that everywhere.”

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