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Picture an elementary school. There are classrooms with qualified teachers. There is a dedicated staff. There is a gym for games and graduations. But there is no library.

During the fall semester, Trinity became aware of the need for books at the Mary P. Moody Christian Academy in Robbins, Illinois, because of an existing partnership with the school and the College’s Office of Community Partnerships. The school has an enrollment of 180 students in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade.

The work of organizing the collection of donated books was undertaken by Trinity’s Rotaract. Rotaract is a Rotary-sponsored club in which students on campuses across the country participate in local and international service projects. Trinity’s Rotaract is sponsored by the Orland Park Rotary Club.

Jeff Miller ’08 of Kenosha, Wisconsin, president of Rotaract, explained that nearly 1,500 books have been donated for the project by organizations such as the local Rotary Club and Girl Scouts.

“We spent about 100 hours going through the books, labeling and cataloging them,” said Miller.

Shelving was also donated and set up in a hallway overlooking the gym at the elementary school. On June 1, while Miller and President Steven Timmermans unpacked boxes and stacked books on shelves, the kindergartners practiced for their graduation from the academy, whose motto reads, “Training Lives for Eternity.”

Principal Derrick Beatty greeted the volunteers and thanked Rotaract for their work on the project.

“We can do more to help,” said Timmermans, “but for now we’ll just listen for the school to let us know what the needs are.”

As a line of children filed by on their way to class, some greeted the volunteers with handshakes, but one young girl simply exclaimed, “Wow, books!”

As part of their international service project, members of Trinity’s Rotaract also traveled with President Timmermans to Africa to cement a partnership with the Christian Entrepreneurs Association of Malawi (CHREAM).

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