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"You as trained lawyers will have a role that is vitally important," said William Weidenaar, keynote speaker at the 2006 Law, Justice and Culture Institute's graduation luncheon, Friday, June 2, in the Ozinga Chapel Grand Lobby. Weidenaar is a partner with Ruff, Weidenaar & Reidy and is heavily involved in serving on the boards of various Christian organizations. 

Weidenaar encouraged the pre-law students to be involved in politics. "It's hard to escape the conclusion that America's political atmosphere has been poisoned," he said. "We need Christians with convictions, roots, and a moral compass."

The mission of the Center for Law and Culture is to recover the traditional Judeo-Christian understanding that law is based on a moral order grounded in God's authority as Creator." 

To learn more about the work of the Center for Law and Culture, look for an interview with the organization's Executive Director and co-founder Professor Charles Emmerich in the August edition of "trolltalk."

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