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Music professor Ken Austin and his son Benjamin, a senior, will recreate music of the 19th century when they team up with the Yankee Brass of New England and Great Western Rocky Mountain Brass Band this summer.

Dr. Austin, a 10-year veteran of both bands, will return to the Northeast as a guest soloist in July while Benjamin makes his first appearance. In August, they will head west to the Rocky Mountain region, where they participated together last year. Both Orland Park, Illinois, residents will play the cornet.

"These are two fine groups made of people who have a great time playing with one another," Dr. Austin said. "The music is really neat because people don't hear it anymore, and we dress in costumes of the bands from that time."

The Yankee Brass Band replicates the music of an 1860s civil war troupe with antique instruments from that era. The Rocky Mountain band focuses on music from the later 1800s but with modern instruments. Benjamin regards these opportunities as an unusual learning experience.

"I'm intrigued by history, and playing in these bands is a unique way of studying it," said the history, computer science, and theology major. "It's one thing to read history, but music brings it to life, and that's the most fun."

The Yankee Brass Band will present concerts at historic war sites, museums, and parks throughout Vermont, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire July 22-26. The Great Western Rocky Mountain Brass Band will play for outdoor festivals in Silverton, Colorado, August 15-17.

Dr. Austin's off-campus credits also include 11 years with The New Philharmonic, a Chicago-based professional orchestra. He performed the Bruckner Symphony No. 4 on May 9 and 10, a premier piece for the solo trumpet. Austin has developed Trinity's instrumental program from just 10 students in 1990 to 43 playing in the wind ensemble and several smaller performing groups.

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