News Release

Voices from the church in Africa visited campus on Tuesday, May 23, as a part of the Church Connection Initiative at Trinity Christian College. 

Joining former College president Dennis Hoekstra and President Steven Timmermans were Reverend Tshililo Liphadzi from South Africa and Reverend Ariko Ekitala from Kenya, to talk about the current state of the Reformed Church in their countries.

Both Liphadzi and Ekitala spoke of the need for pastors and the development of a curriculum to train pastors. Ekitala explained that the Reformed Church in East Africa has 300 churches but only 20 pastors; currently he ministers to three churches. 

"Part of the reason for this shortage is that many Africans are seeking an education to pursue greener pastures," said Ekitala. "We are trying to green the pastures for them." By developing a sound curriculum, Ekitala and Liphadzi hope to attract more Africans to minister and strengthen the church in Africa. 

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