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“Are we there yet?” Keynote speaker Dr. Emily Brink posed this question to Trinity’s traditional undergraduate class of 2007 during the Commencement ceremony held the morning of May 19.

Brink, a senior research fellow of the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship in Grand Rapids, Michigan, discussed the journey each graduate had made as a student and is still making as a Christian.

Addressing one of the aspects of the question posed, Brink defined the word “we.” 

“The plural ‘we’ indicates that we’re on some sort of journey together, not all by ourselves,” she explained. “Each one of you came to Trinity as an individual, but you joined a community of learning. I have an idea that what you graduates will remember most, and miss most in the future, are the relationships you have formed here.

“We need a place where we all belong, with all of our differences, a place that welcomes us as we are, with friends and colleagues that see potential and gifts in us that we did not even see in ourselves…I know Trinity worked in many ways to be that kind of community for you. I hope you will be community builders wherever you go.”

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Brink, a former Trinity faculty member, took the opportunity to acknowledge Dr. Dan Diephouse, who was teaching during her time at Trinity and is now retiring after 36 years of serving the College.

One hundred ninety-four graduates received degrees. Students, family and friends were greeted by Board of Trustees Chair Gary Smit, and the invocation was offered by Mr. Lee Hicks, a grandparent. Graduating Student Association President Nathan Vis of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, led the litany.

Christopher Verstrate ’96, president of the Alumni Board of Directors, welcomed the graduates into Trinity’s alumni association.

“I’m excited about the largest influx of alumni the College has ever seen,” said Verstrate. “Alumni association is too formal a descriptor for what is truly a community of people committed to staying connected to the Trinity family.”

Music was provided by the Honors Ensemble; the Trinity Brass Quartet; and Minkyoo Shin, organist.

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