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Throughout his three years as a Trinity student, Myron Graham has played a significant role in raising awareness of cultural acceptance on campus. The College's ethnic diversity committee acknowledged his efforts by presenting to him the Catherine Yonker Memorial Award.

"Myron has been instrumental in helping the College take a closer look at race relations and cultural understanding," said Brad Breems, chairman of the committee. "His leadership is clearly visible to students, faculty, and staff alike, and they respect him for his contributions."

Graham, a senior majoring in social work, is president of the Organization of African American Unity. The Chicago native has been active in mentoring, leadership conferences, and community forums to keep issues of cultural sensitivity on the forefront. He encouraged many of Trinity's minority students to run for government offices and residential staff positions as well as supporting the formation of the Asian American Alliance.

"This award is a standard of excellence and the pinnacle of the goals I've set for myself," Graham said. "I wanted to see more minority students involved on campus, and all the things we did this year were geared toward building Christ-like leaders."

The Catherine Yonker Award, named for a former Trinity employee who demonstrated a passion for unity and diversity, is given each year to a person who promotes Christian race relations and cross-cultural understanding. A total of 10 names were nominated, and Breems acknowledged that "the fact we can give only one award does not diminish the quality of the work of (the) other nominees."

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