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For some members of the graduating class of 2003, the commencement ceremony on May 17 marked the culmination of four years of intense academic preparation. For others, the occasion signaled the transition from student to adult, a long-anticipated passage that holds both joy and trepidation. For all, the day brought together families and friends in the Ozinga Chapel to see a son, daughter, or classmate receive a diploma signifying the completion of their studies at Trinity Christian College.

The ceremony encompassed the pomp and pageantry of important events at the College, with robed faculty and student processionals, a commencement address by Provost Liz Rudenga, greetings and introductions by Board Chairman Terry Van Der Aa and Interim President Anthony J. Diekema, and a litany led by Student Association President Ryan Wynia '04. Mrs. Sheila Morris, mother of senior Jonathon Morris, delivered the invocation. Chris Klein '98, alumni association president, welcomed the graduates to their new status as alumni. Dean of Academic Services Burt Rozema presented the diplomas, and Board member Gary Smit, father of senior Jason Smit, provided the benediction at the end of the ceremony.

In her remarks to graduates, Provost Rudenga advised them to stop, look, and listen before taking "the next step in a journey of faith and joy. It's a journey that is a pursuit of God's calling-with a priority to be followers of Christ in all that you do."

The College conferred 125 degrees on graduating seniors, 46 of whom received an honors designation. The 1189-seat chapel auditorium was filled to capacity with parents and family members, some traveling from as far away as Puebla, Mexico, Lynden, WA, Bozeman, MT, Bradenton, FL, Abbottsford, B.C., Marmarth, ND, and Houston, TX; most arrived from Illinois and surrounding Midwestern states. 

The graduates converged on the Commons under sunshine and blue skies to greet each other before making their way to the dining hall for the traditional post-commencement buffet. 

The following is the full list of 2003 Trinity Christian College graduates.
Matthew Aggen - English

Ryan Baker - Business

Timothy Bakker - Business

Jennifer Beenes - Accounting

Christine Bouma - Art Studio

Nicholas Brannigan - Business

Robert Brickman - Accounting

Kara Bruxvoort - Business

Daniel Callaghan - Elementary Education

Steven Caruso - Information Systems

Matthew Cavanaugh - Psychology

Corena Crow - History Education

Jonathan Cuperus - Political Science

Luke Darling - Biology

Kara DeBoer - Nursing

Sara DeBoer - Elementary Education

Christopher Decker - Art Studio

Autumn Deemter - Art Studio

Lora DeMaar - Elementary Education

Kristy DeRuiter - Elementary Education

James DeVries - Biology

Brenda DeYoung - Elementary Education

Gregory Diamond - Business

Kenneth Dryfhout - Business

Jacob Dykstra - History Education

Joseph Dykstra - History

James Eiden - History

Thomas Fennema - English Education

Kelly Franckowiak - Accounting

Carin Gates - Biology

Andrew Gorlewski - Communication Arts

Joy Gort - Elementary Education

Emily Groenenboom - Nursing

Rachel Henderson - Elementary Education

Michelle Holwerda - Elementary Education

Jonathan Hoogerhyde - Business

Joseph Hovanes - Physical Education (K-12)

Susan Huisenga - Exercise Science

Carrie Huizenga - Nursing

Kate Huizenga - Music Education (K-12)

Sarah Huizer - Elementary Education

Joseph Jun - Elementary Education

Tracey Kafka - Exercise Science

Kimberly Keizer - Nursing

Megan Kelly - Elementary Education

Ariadne Khatib - History

Lisa Kiekintveld - Social Work Concentration

Daniel Kinnas - Business

Aaron Knoll - Business

Joseph Kooima - Business

Nicholas Koster - Communication Arts

Brian Laack - Elementary Education

Nicholas Lamme - English Education

Richard Lara - Business

Angela Leep - Nursing

Nancy Lewis - Elementary Education

Jami Little - Physical Education

Trisha Lunsford - Communication Arts

Jason Martin - Sociology

Jeremy Matheis - Music-General

Jill Matson - Psychology

Kimberly Mesman - Mathematics

Paul Miantona - Information Systems

Sarah Miller - Elementary Education

Jonathan Morris - Information Systems

Jessica Mulder - Business

Matthew Nichols - Business

Lynette Nirenski - Physical Education

Christopher Notides - Communication Arts

Jason Oosting - Business

Aaron Ozinga - Business

Joel Poortenga - English Education

Micah Popma - Psychology

Laura Post - Special Education

Lydia Poston - Nursing

John Prince - Biology

Ryan Quirk - History Education

Jennifer Ramirez - Elementary Education

Adam Reynolds - Biology

Cary Reynolds - Information Systems

Jayne Rudenga - Art Studio

Jeremy Rusticus - Business

Jesse Ryan - Business

Kimberly Sasveld - Nursing

Holly Scheeringa - Elementary Education

Nicole Schroeder - Church Education

Kimberly Scott - Nursing

Aaron Searles - History

Julie Shoemaker - Business

Kae Siebring - Special Education

Jason Smit - Elementary Education

Meagan Stolte - Elementary Education

Erin Strauch - Biology

Emily Sudkamp - Elementary Education

Sharon Szwarga - Psychology

Timothy Tesauro - Exercise Science

Ronald Thenn - Business

Jessica VanderLaan - Elementary Education

Brian VanderVeen - Political Science

Michael VanderVliet - Elementary Education

Evan VanderZee - Computer Science

Erika Vandyke - Nursing

Jessica VanEe - Business

Elaine VanStedum - Elementary Education

Jonathan VanSteenis - Accounting

Rick VanTil - Business

Michael VanWyk - Music-General

Shawn Vavouleas - Elementary Education

Aimee Vawter - Special Education

Faith Veenstra - Art Studio

Jennifer Visser - Elementary Education

Michaelene Vodar - Elementary Education

Robert Walcott - Philosophy

Katie Wessels - Psychology

Mark Wierda - Business

Katie Wierenga - Elementary Education

Daniel Wieringa - Information Systems

Pamela Willemsen - Nursing

Michelle Williams - Business

Valerie Wories - Accounting

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