News Release

Jonathan Darby, deputy consul general at the British Consulate in Chicago, gave the Trinity community an inside look at the life of an English diplomat during his visit to the College May 3.

Darby, a lawyer by training, came to Chicago as deputy consul in February 2002. His office is responsible for trade promotion, press relations, issuing visas, public affairs, and national security. He is looking at particular issues and circumstances in the United States that may benefit his native country.

"I've been asked to look at how coal is used in this area," he said. "Coal is to this area what oil is to Saudi Arabia, and the United States has more coal than anyone in world.

"We're also interested in some of the unfunded federal mandates and the politics of city funding. There are some issues of urban regeneration that we want to learn from the United States."

England's government has 5000 employees in America, and nearly all of these impartial civil servants were unaffected by the British election May 5, when Prime Minister Tony Blair won a third term in office. Darby leads 48 people in the Chicago office who cover the Midwest and work with the U.S. Department of Defense.

The College's Law and Politics Society invited Darby to campus. After he answered questions from the audience in Alumni Hall, Gerrit Wieringa, president of the Law and Politics Society, presented him with a Trinity sweatshirt.

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