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The walls of Navajo Heights School will have a new look when the paint dries on a joint venture between Trinity and the nearby elementary school.

Palos Heights School District 128 initiated a plan, called Goals 128, for each school to choose a theme for its building. Trinity art students helped design and draw murals for the school, which is just west of the College, called "Kaleidoscope of Knowledge" and shows children learning math, music, reading, and other subjects. 

"This is a win-win situation for everyone involved," said Mary Ziola-Vega, a lifelong Palos Heights resident who is chair of the Goals 128 committee. "We didn't have the skills or the expertise to complete this project, and Trinity was our first option. I think it's very important that we build this relationship. The children in this school need to see how involved the College is in the community."

This is the second effort that Ziola-Vega's committee has teamed with the College to complete within the past year. Last fall, Trinity volunteers assembled playground equipment at Passarelli Park, where Navajo Heights students enjoy recess. Ziola-Vega says the murals should be completed within three years. For the remainder of the school year and throughout the summer, Navajo Heights students, faculty, and staff will take turns painting the walls.

"I love painting," said Navajo Heights student Courtney Kubo between strokes. "Helping with this project makes me feel like I'm making an important difference in my school. It's something that I can see everyday I'm here."

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