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Two hundred and fifty women, representing 100 different churches and organizations, all gathered to hear the same Cinderella story, as award-winning speaker Dee Brestin calls it.

“It is our passion to communicate to women that Jesus is the ‘prince’ their hearts long for,” said Brestin at the Chicago Women’s Conference held on May 5 in the Ozinga Chapel Auditorium and co-sponsored by Trinity.

Brestin and Dove award-winning vocalist Kathy Troccoli, who also led worship at the conference, are co-authors of the Bible study trilogy “Falling in Love with Jesus.” Both women shared the story of their friendship, the experiences of living single (Troccoli) and being married then widowed (Brestin), and the joy of being loved by the “romantic” and “consistent” bridegroom Jesus Christ.

Emphatically addressing the crowd, Brestin said, “You have a real prince who woos, wins, and will one incredible day come back to wed you.”

“They each spoke from two different perspectives,” said conference attendee Lynell Dykstra of Tinley Park, “yet with the same message that God loves all of us and romances us with his love.”

The message appealed to the broad range of women listening to the moving music and powerful teaching, according to Dr. Barb Timmermans, a conference coordinator and associate professor of nursing at Trinity.   

“Everyone needs to hear the message that God loves you for who you are and always will love you,” she said.

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