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New Student Leadership Chosen

Students recently elected leaders to fill the positions of the Student Association Executive Committee for 2008-09. In addition, each class elects three student representatives. These representatives' main function is to advocate for students, voicing concerns and working alongside Trinity’s administration to effect constructive change on campus.

Student Association Executive Committee for 2008-09:
President—Jeff Roon ’09 of Hudsonville, Michigan
Vice President—Drew Van’t Land ’10 of Hull, Iowa
Secretary—Kyle Geenen ’10 of Holland, Michigan
Treasurer—Eric VandenBerg ’09 of Hudsonville, Michigan

“It is a real privilege to be the next Student Association president,” said Roon. “This is a great opportunity to represent my fellow students. I hope that next year will bring continued growth and student involvement on campus and in the community.”

Student Association funds seven official committees. These committees are chaired by students chosen by the Executive Committee and are voting members of the association. Each committee provides various academic, cultural, extracurricular, or religious events and services to provide Trinity's students with a holistic college experience.

Committee Chairs for 2008-09:
Academic Initiative—Cassie VandeKamp ’10 of Manchester, Missouri
Allelu (yearbook)—Emily VanHoff ’11 of Holland, Michigan
Multicultural—to be determined
Service—Valerie Leffring ’09 of Chicago, Illinois
Social Justice—Julianne Woodroof ’11 of Colorado Springs, Colorado
Student Activities—Cara Tacoma ’09 of Cadillac, Michigan

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