News Release

Workshop and Luncheon Teach Students Survival Skills

Students came “dressed for success” to the Survival Skills Workshop & Etiquette Luncheon on May 3 ready to learn essential skills for obtaining and maintaining a successful career after college.

Workshops taught indispensable skills in resume writing, job market research, networking, and interviewing. In one workshop, Jackie Medenblik ’82, coordinator of off-campus programs, urged participants to set goals and create an action plan for attaining them. She also emphasized the importance of “knowing yourself” by taking values into consideration when choosing a job.

“Jackie actively involved students in the session,” said Whitney Dickison ’09 of Ottawa, Illinois. “She encouraged us to write down our goals to motivate us.”

Following the workshops, students attended an etiquette luncheon hosted by Jill Bremer of Bremer Communications. Bremer, a certified image consultant, has appeared on the Today show and CNBC and has been quoted in many national publications.

Marisol Miron ’10 of Chicago coordinated the event, which was sponsored by the Diversity Leadership Scholars, the Cooper Career Center, and Trinity's Business Office.

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