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In March 2002, the College community rejoiced at the news that an anonymous gift of $1 million had been received for the construction of a theater on campus. On May 13, President Anglin announced that the amount of the gift had been increased by an additional $500,000. In his remarks, President Anglin expressed his deep appreciation for the commitment to theater arts that this gift represents. "Praise the Lord for His wonderful works through His obedient servants," he said.

The site of the building is still under discussion, but the administration intends to proceed with construction plans in the immediate future. Groundbreaking is slated for fall 2002. 

The "lab" or "experimental" theater is essentially a simple structure with moveable seating. The flexible layout of the interior allows the performers to overcome the visual and psychological barriers created by a main stage. Limited space provides an intimate setting between the performer and the audience. The theater places an emphasis on the acting, as each movement, expression, gesture, tone, and pitch is amplified in the small, enclosed setting.

Upon hearing the news, Dr. Annalee Ward, communication arts department chair, expressed her delight that the department would have "a real home" for theater arts at the College. She stated that this facility "is an exciting opportunity for our students. It underscores the role of theater arts within a liberal arts education, and connects Trinity's theater program to the resources of Chicago in a tangible way." Dr. Ward acknowledged that the construction of the theater is a complex undertaking, involving planning for a costume shop and storage, a shop for building sets, and in the future, possible editing suites to create a multi-use facility. 

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