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TRIAD Goes to Best Ad Campaign

On Tuesday, May 6, Dr. Randy Voorn’s advertising class competed in the 10th annual competition for the coveted Trinity Advertising (TRIAD) Award. This year’s theme was a campaign against binge drinking.  

Each group of students developed one “big idea” as the focus of its advertising campaign, created three print ads and three television ads based on the idea, and then presented the campaign to a panel of judges.

The campaign message “Reality Check: Start thinking, Stop Binge Drinking” was this year’s TRIAD award winner. 
“This project taught me how much work goes into an ad campaign,” said Whitney Dickison ’09 of Ottawa, Illinois. “It took so much time and effort to develop the big idea and all the ads to go along with it. It also taught me the importance of team work. Our project could not have been completed if it wasn’t for our group working as a unit.”

Students presented research on their primary and secondary audience and then explained how they would take their message to the public. The four big ideas were “A Binge Starts With One,” “Control Yourself…Control Your Future,”  “Reality Check: Start Thinking, Stop Binge Drinking,” and “So Much For Your Future--Binge Drinking Just Killed It.”

Chris Kloet ’91 and Melissa Groot ’00 served as panel judges. Kloet graduated from Trinity and majored in art and business. He is currently vice president creative director for FCB/Draft Chicago. Groot currently works at Change Effect agency, leading the Web department and has worked with clients such as the Willow Creek Community Church, the Shedd Aquarium, Earth Justice, and the Back to God Hour.

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