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Summer vacation for five young men begins with a high note May 19 when the quintet goes on a music tour of the Midwest.

That is the day when the Liberators International, a group composed of four native Liberians and one Chicagoan, will begin touring Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan to share their singing gifts with audiences at schools and churches. Two Miantona brothers - Paul and Emanuel - Daniel Roberts, Jr., and Alex Johnson came to Trinity from Africa; Nick Bermudez is an area native. Together, they lift up their voices to praise God.

"Each one of us loves singing, and it will be nice to share our love and joy with other brothers and sisters in Christ," said Paul Miantona. "We feel privileged to have the chance to sing praises to God and lift Him up in different settings. It will be a great experience for us."

The Liberators led a recent chapel at the College, where their selections were well-received by the worshippers. When the opportunity to do a tour was presented, they embraced the idea immediately. Arrangements were made quickly to secure dates, times, and sites. The quintet will visit schools in Lansing, Illinois, and DeMotte, Indiana, on Monday, May 19, and conclude their trip Sunday, May 25, in Grand Rapids Michigan. 

"This is a very talented group of guys," said Pete Hamstra, vice president for advancement and admissions. "We are constantly looking for avenues to show how well-rounded our students are, and this was a great suggestion. They will leave a positive impression of the College wherever they go, and it should be fun for them."

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