News Release

Trinity undergraduates experienced a taste of the future when the College hosted the Chicagoland Christian History Research Conference on Saturday, March 18. Students from Trinity, Judson College, and Trinity International University (Deerfield, Illinois) gathered to present lectures and listen to keynote speaker Dr. Lendol Calder, chair of the history department at Augustana College (Rock Island, Illinois), who spoke on "Graduate School and the Christian History Student."

Three Trinity students were invited to take part in the program. Nicholas Bermudez '06 presented his research on "The Negligent City: The Actions of the City of Chicago that Led to the Great Chicago Fire, 1850-1871." Nathan Vis '07 followed with a detailed examination of the city of Seattle during the Gold Rush years, while junior Benjamin Zumdahl shared his findings on the subject of eugenics and its potential danger to society.

"The conference provided experience presenting research in a public forum and an opportunity to see other students do the same thing," said Dr. John Fry, associate professor of history, and chair of the department. "We were happy to host a collection of top students from Christian colleges in the area."

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