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If the faculty members of a Christian college share a common faith, should it not be easier for them to foster unity across racial and cultural differences? What are some obstacles they encounter that may stifle any attempts to reach social acceptance?

Mary Webster Moore will examine those questions and more during a Council of Christian Colleges and Universities conference June 5-7 at Bethel College in St. Paul, Minnesota. Moore's presentation, "The Challenges of Being a Minority Faculty Member at a CCCU Institution," will draw on her experiences as an African American professor in Trinity's education department.

"Christian faculties may have great intentions to promote unity among their colleagues, but we must recognize the hindrances that affect each person individually," Moore said. "When we acknowledge those difficulties and make concerted efforts to address them, we move closer to achieving our goal. Before we can embrace each other as peers, we have to embrace each other as people."

The theme of this year's CCCU campus-based Faculty Development Workshop is "Faculty Developing in Community." The three-day session will bring together professors from across the country to discuss issues surrounding scholarship, collaborative study, and curriculum. Moore will join three other speakers to elaborate on ideas of faculties as inclusive communities.

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