News Release

An Evening of Asian Culture at Trinity

Asian Experience on April 21 provided students, faculty, and staff with an evening of Asian music and cuisine, martial arts demonstrations, Korean Fan Dance performances, and participants garbed in traditional dress.

The event was hosted by the Ethnic Diversity Committee, the Student Multicultural Committee, and the Asian American Alliance at Trinity. Sharon Chun ’11 of Northbrook, Illinois, president of the alliance, explained that this year’s event focused on the entertainment side of Asian culture.

Martial arts, karate, a traditional Korean fan dance, a hip hop dance to contemporary Asian pop songs, and a rap about religious persecution in Asia were showcased. A variety of traditional Asian costumes from Korea, Thailand, Laos, and India, as well as Asian artifacts, were on display.

Authentic Asian cuisine was served. On the menu: Korean bulgogi and kimchi and Indian chicken curry with naan and rice. Almond cookies and fortune cookies were served for dessert.


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