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For the last three weeks of the academic year, Trinity students and their families do not have to pay for their education.

Trinity commemorated Tuition-Free Day by hosting an afternoon picnic and games on the Commons April 26. That is the date in the College's fiscal year when tuition income no longer meets operating expenses. From now through June 30, donations to the Trinity Fund will cover those costs.

"We've been blessed by a fantastic network of loyal friends and supporters," said Marv Eylander '86, director of the Trinity Fund. "They have been generous in extending their prayers and financial support to the College, and we wanted to show the students that there are people helping them receive a quality Christian education. It's important that the students understand the value of our donors' contributions to Trinity's mission."

The development office furnished an oversized thank-you card for the students to sign during the festivities. Trinity's jazz band provided music in the tent while the athletically inclined tested their skill at a speed pitch game.

Gifts to the Trinity Fund help provide and enhance the resources needed to maintain a high quality of education. The College uses donations to pay for campus maintenance, capital improvements, and equipment purchases.

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