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Love was in the air on April 24 as Trinity students, faculty, and staff demonstrated the great commandment to "love thy neighbor" during lovePalos, Trinity's annual outreach to help beautify Palos Heights. Led by the College's residence life staff, more than 150 volunteers went to various locations and sites throughout the city to renew and refurbish their surroundings.

The cloudless morning skies gave way to light afternoon showers as the cleanup crews worked at the Palos Heights Recreation Center, the public pool, and area churches. Besides collecting trash from streets and walks, some of the volunteers painted fences while others potted flowers and plants.

"This service opportunity is a good way for us to strengthen our relationship with Palos Heights," said Shannon Pothoven, the residence director of South Hall. "We've typically had a good number of people who pitch in for lovePalos, and that helps us complete our projects more efficiently. It also shows that we have a vested interest in how our hometown looks."

Many volunteers worked on the Trinity Trail, a winding path that meanders through the wooded area on the east side of the campus. Drivers on Route 83, which borders the north end, pulled over to have their cars washed. Some volunteers from the College aided recovery efforts in Utica, Illinois, a small city about 50 miles west of Trinity that was ravaged by a tornado earlier in the week.

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