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Students Fast to Raise Funds for Children in Congo

Five-year-old Rachel lives in the Congo with three siblings and a mother who struggles to provide for them. Rachel helps her family by carrying water home from the local water source. Thaniru is 10 years old and lives in Sri Lanka with his parents and sister. Thaniru’s parents, poor subsistence farmers, struggle to provide for the family. The young boy does what he can to help out, sweeping the floors of his home and enthusiastically attending primary school.

Rachel and Thaniru are the children supported by Trinity students, faculty, and staff through World Vision. The money raised through this year’s 30-Hour Famine campaign on April 22 and 23 will help fund the care of these children for the second consecutive year. The 30-Hour Famine is a campus-wide fast designed to educate the Trinity community about poverty and homelessness.

This year 127 people fasted, and 143 showed their support through other efforts with a total of $818.83 raised. The surplus is being donated to a local shelter.

“We want to bring the reality of hunger and homelessness to campus,” said Lauren Buehler ’10 of Woburn, Massachusetts, co-president of Trinity’s chapter of Acting on Aids with Maddy Manden '10 of Roselle, Illinois. “We are looking to collectively as a campus bring understanding and awareness about homelessness and hunger both locally and abroad.”

Participants attended events and devotional times throughout the Famine. Students slept outside in boxes on the first night, then played out a scenario the next evening that simulated the process homeless people must go through to gain food and shelter through various organizations. The Famine ended with a “feast” to break the fast at 11:30 p.m.

The 30-Hour Famine is organized by Trinity’s chapter of Acting on Aids with support from 16 other campus clubs and organizations, including Social Justice Chapter, Campus Ministries, and the Service Committee.

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