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Do you know how many sides a dodecahedron has? The grade-schoolers who came to Trinity's campus Thursday could not only answer without hesitation, but pronounce that word accurately: do' dek a HEE druhn.

The best and brightest 200 math students from 18 grade schools in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin took part in the College's 10th annual math triathlon April 24.The students, all of whom were in grades six through eight, competed in individual, team, and relay events throughout the afternoon.

"We had an incredible number of great kids, and they all had a lot of fun," said math professor Sharon Robbert. "They were lively and enthusiastic, and that is what makes the Triathlon exciting."

The schools were allowed to send a maximum of 16 students each. Individual contests required the students to solve 20 problems in 30 minutes. Group competition matched teams of three or four people collaborating on five problems in 30 minutes. In the relay module, participants solved as many problems as they could within five minutes.

The scores for each student were tallied and added up for each school. Timothy Christian School in Elmhurst, Illinois, won first place for the fourth time while Holland Christian School and Sheboygan Christian School finished in second and third place, respectively.

"This is a fantastic event for these kids, and they really look forward to coming here," said George Bosman, who teaches math at Timothy. "Schools do so much to recognize students for their outstanding athletic achievements, but this is a good avenue to recognize their academic accomplishments. It's good reinforcement for them."

By the way, dodecahedrons have 12 sides.

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