News Release

Trinity embarked on a new program designed to enhance corporate ministry and assist individuals in determining their specific roles in God's kingdom work.

The Church Connection Initiative at Trinity is a collaborative effort that will focus on four components of the local church: preaching, worship, leadership development, and service. It also will help young people discern their call to ministry.

"This program gives us another avenue of partnering with churches," said President Steven Timmermans. "As a Christian institution of higher education, we have a responsibility to assist churches by connecting them to ideas, people, and research that will further their ministries through the work of the Holy Spirit."

The CCIT is a partnership in cooperation with Calvin Theological Seminary, the Center for Excellence in Preaching, and the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. Church leaders, lay people, college faculty, and students will have opportunities to learn, analyze, and reflect upon various aspects of the four focal points. They also may study specific issues within book clubs, seminars, and other formats. The College is composing an advisory board to monitor all programs and activities to ensure consistency with the grant requirements and promises.

Jane Voss, a retired schoolteacher and an experienced ministry consultant, accepted Timmermans' offer to serve as CCIT's program manager. Voss is a former southwest United States regional small-group representative for Christian Reformed Church Home Mission. She worked with pastors to coordinate small-group ministries in their churches.

"I've been involved very much in leadership development, and some of what the CCIT has planned is focused toward pastors and worship leaders," Voss said. "We want to draw the church community to campus and continue promoting the College as a place where people can learn and exchange ideas."

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