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Trinity transformed its campus into a gallery of arts, entertainment, and scholarship Tuesday, April 22, for OPUS 2003, the fourth annual exhibition of student research and achievement.

Throughout the afternoon, students displayed artwork, discussed philosophical viewpoints, and described research findings. The range of topics included oral interpretations of literature, practical advice about employment, and controversial issues that evoke sensitive responses.

Some presentations were offered by individuals, but most were given by groups who collaborated on projects. Business students talked about human resources, labor practices, and government funding. English students read original works of poetry and short stories. Science students showed the effects of various diseases and chemical attacks against the human body. The event provided a receptive forum for all the students to share their interests.

"It turned out very well," said Lionel Ndayishimiye, a freshman from Norway who presented Sweatshops: Always Wrong? with his group. "We looked at the issue from the perspective of the children who work in those factories. Many of them have to work in order for their families to survive, so that income is crucial."

OPUS also featured music in the Commons by the College's jazz band, wind ensemble, soloist Rudi Gesch, and Allyson Roberto with Brazilian Capoeira. Everyone enjoyed a picnic before the awards ceremony, which recognized winners in the literary, art, music, and communication arts categories.

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