News Release

Energy Grant Lights Up Campus

Trinity has received a grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation for $10,850 to fund the installation of new lighting in campus classrooms, faculty offices, and public spaces across campus. 

The facilities chosen for upgrades include spaces across campus that have high continuous occupancy and usage rates by students and the visiting public alike. The College will upgrade 4,521 lamps to achieve an 18,084 reduction in kW usage and a significant annual energy cost savings.

“Trinity is committed to investing wisely in preservation and stewardship of our campus grounds and using energy wisely to minimize our environmental impact,” said President Steve Timmermans, Ph.D. “This project will reinforce other efforts we have undertaken which emphasize campus recycling, preservation, restoration of native plants and vegetation, and increasing awareness of wise energy usage.”

The Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation invests in clean energy development and land preservation efforts, working with communities and citizens to improve environmental quality in Illinois. The Foundation supports programs and projects that will improve energy efficiency, develop renewable energy resources, and preserve and enhance natural areas and wildlife habitats throughout the state.

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